LOVE YOUR BODY: Integrating Holistic Detox Protocols



On behalf of Integrative medicine 2018 Organizing Committee, we cheerfully welcome Directors, Integrative medicine professionals, Naturopathic physicians, Doctors, Yoga instructors, Holistic health physicians, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioners to attend the “3rd International Conference on Integrative Medicine and Alternative treatments” which is to be hung on Oct 26-27, 2018 at Boston, USA.

Integrative Medicine 2018 aims to gather internationally-recognized researchers, clinicians, educators, and nutritionist whose work focuses on the interface between nutrition and healthful living.

Why to attend?

Our Conference will provide a perfect platform addressing:

  • Laudable talks by the top-notch of the global scientific community
  • Sterling workshop sessions
  • Remarkable Awards and Global Recognition to meritorious Researchers
  • Global Networking with 50+ Countries
  • Novel Techniques to Benefit Your Research
  • Global Business and Networking Opportunities
  • Exquisite Platform for showcasing your products and International Sponsorship

About Workshop:

Encouraging emotional, mental, spiritual, and social healing is a complementary process in the ongoing development of living a life that connected to the multi dimensional realties of being human. This is important to become a holistically competent health care practitioner and know how to work with therapists and healers that work with limited beliefs, negative patterns and unresolved conditioning and challenging destructive behaviors.

This workshop explores the dynamics of how to inspire and empower clients to safely engage in a transformative healing process for optimal health and wellness.

In this workshop, you will learn 
* health benefits of cleansing 
* to use detoxing protocols to complement Integrative therapies
* mindfulness practices to complement Integrative therapies
This workshop will share experiences and amazing results guiding people through cleansing programs in a way that will richly complement any health practitioner to appreciate the power of engaging with clients on many levels to complement physical interventions.


Final Program